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Dog Eat Dog Morgan Gould & Friends


About the show

Once we saw an episode of SAVED BY THE BELL where Zach ends up being forced to go to the prom with a fat girl because she bid on him at a school love auction. She's really nice and smart, but Zach's embarrassed to be seen with her because she's so fat. There is also a play set in an office written by a famous American playwright. The main character in it is a fat librarian who finds love with a guy from that office, but then he dumps her because he's embarrassed to be seen with her. Also, sometimes, there are episodes of Law & Order about fat people killing skinny people because they teased them and stuff. Our play isn't about any of those people or things. But it is about being fat. It's funny and not boring and only 60 minutes.

Morgan Gould & Friends is a theater company that formed in 2012 because Ronan Babbitt, Adam Blodgett, Chris Barlow, Chris Geary, Morgan Gould, Anna O'Donoghue, Tom Pecinka, Ryan Seelig, and Amir Wachterman like funny plays that aren't boring. MG&F's work has been recently seen at Dixon Place, Ars Nova, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, the Brooklyn Lyceum, and HERE.


Design: Ryan Seelig and Chris Barlow
Cast: Adam Blodgett, Anna O'Donoghue,
Nate Trinrud and Amir Wachterman



August 1-4@ 7pm

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